Course Calendar

WeekDateTopicLecturer In Class ExerciseAssignments / Homework
101/17Course IntroductionTerry & GideonTeam sorting exercise + wicked problem selectionTeams begin research on their problem
201/22Applied Transition Design: Ojai Case Study
01/24Applied Transition Design: Overfishing Case StudyCheryl Dahle
301/29Intro to SystemsSystems Entropy Exercises
01/31Wicked ProblemsAssignment #1: Wicked Problem MappingWork on Wicked Problem Mapping
402/05Stakeholder RelationsAssignment #2: Mapping Stakeholder RelationsWork on Mapping Stakeholder Relations
02/07Assignment #1 & #2 PresentationsAssignments #1 & 2 Due as Medium posts 2.12
502/12Theories of Change & Critique of Everyday Life Gideon Kossoff
02/14Alternative Economics
602/19Manfred Max-Neef's Needs
02/21Design for Behavior ChangeDan Lockton
702/26Social Practice Theory
02/28Intro. to Socio-Technical Transitions
803/05Types of Socio-Technical TransitionsAssignment #3: MLP MappingConduct research for MLP Mapping
03/07Mapping a Socio-Technical TransitionAssignment #3 due as Medium post 3.19
903/19Mindset & PostureTerry Irwin
03/21The Mechanistic Worldview
1003/26The Holistic Worldview
03/28Temporal Thinking
1104/02Place-based Thinking
04/04Mindset &
Posture of a Transition Designer
Hannah DuPlessisMovement Exercises: Wear comfortable clothes
1204/09VisionsDan Lockton
& Futuring
Stuart Candy
1304/16Foresighting ApproachesStuart Candy
04/18Lifestyles &
Everyday Life
Assignment #4: Developing Future VisionsWork on Assignment 4, due as Medium post 4.23
04/25New Ways of Designing: Framing Problems with Large, Spatio-Temporal ContextsAssignment #5: The Spatio-Temporal MatrixWork on Assignment #5
1504/30Designing InterventionsAssignment #6: Designing Systems InterventionsWork on presentations for Assignments #5 & 6
05/02The Emerging Transition Design ApproachAssignments #5 & 6 due as Medium posts 5.7