Course Calendar

WeekDateModuleTopicGuest LecturerAssignment GivenAssignment Due
101/16Martin Luther King Jr. Day: No Classes
01/18Course Introduction
201/23Wicked ProblemsWicked Problem Anatomy & DynamicsAssignment #11-Feb
01/25Wicked Problems & Globalization
301/30Work Session: Assignment #1
02/01Social RelationsMapping Stakeholder RelationsAssignment #222-Feb
402/06Mindset & Posture
02/08Systems of Oppression
502/13Pluriversality & DecolonialityAhmed Ansari
02/15Power Dynamics & Polarization
602/20Worksession: Assignment #2
02/22Mapping the Evolution of a Wicked ProblemTypes of Socio-Technical SystemsAssignment #315-Mar
702/27Types of Transitions
03/01Historical Context
803/06Holiday: No Classes
03/08Holiday: No Classes
903/13Worksession: Assignment #3
03/15Designing for TransitionsVisioningAssignment #43-Apr
1003/20Backcasting/Assessing the Present/Mile-stoningAdam Cowart
03/22How the Past Can Inform the Future: Commoning & Mutual Aid
1103/27Alternative Economies
03/29Worksession: Assignment #4
1204/03Designing Systems InterventionsDesigning Systems InterventionsAssignment #53-May
04/05Material vs. Non-Material InterventionsJonathan Chapman
1304/10Frames & NarrativesAdam Cowart
04/12Policy & Legal InterventionsTomar Pierson-Brown
1404/17Max-Neef's Theory of Needs
04/19Worksession: Assignment #5
1504/24ConclusionFinal Presentations
04/26Final PresentationsAssignments re-submitted for improved grades due: May 3rd