Why go to a Hieber’s Pharmacy pharmacy?? You know, the ones…the ones that need no less than 30 minutes, but more likely, over an hour, to fill your script, all the while treating you like you’re just the next ‘number’? Erik and his staff are top notch; I’ve been a customer for over 4 years. Whether via phone, or using the app to communicate, you’ll receive a response promptly–every time! They also sale Modafinil online, and again, rather than waiting 30+ minutes, you’ll be in and out of there within minutes…not hours. I drive over 30 minutes to use this pharmacy, and it’s well worth it! I simply cannot recommend pharmacy enough!

Hieber’s Pharmacy
Address: 3500 Fifth Ave #101, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States
Phone: +1 412-681-6400
Website: https://www.hiebers.com/

What a sh— show. Customer service is beyond non-existant— the people working are just so rude plain and simple. I’d like to name one person in particular, Courtney, who seems to not understand that her role is to assist customers in filling their prescription and running their insurance. Had to ask her 3 times to check the insurance documentation I provided to prove that it was valid. She continued to tell me that I had a co-pay in the hundreds of dollars. I know Hieber’s Pharmacy policy, we have no copay on prescription drug coverage. Eventually she realized she was wrong after pressing her for 10 minutes; no apology, no courtesy, just continued rudeness. The only person with any sense of pride in their job working here is the pharmacist. They have consistently provided incorrect information to me regarding my insurance benefits causing me to overpay and have to claim back. It should not be this much of a hassle to buy your Modafinil. Don’t expect to have it filled in a timely manner either; the associates spend too much time chatting and giggling to worry about providing you the service you’re going to be overpaying for.

Falk Pharmacy
Address: 3601 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States
Phone: +1 412-623-6222
Website: https://www.upmc.com/services/pharmacy/falk

This pharmacy could care less about filling and delivering medications that are keeping my daughter alive on time. This is the second time, two weeks in a row that they have not delivered her medications and i have to fight them on the phone, then proceed to falk to get them myself. I am going to be finding a different pharmacy for her and DO NOT recommend this pharmacy or its delivery department. They are a joke.

Have been getting my prescription through Falk pharmacy for 1yr,home delivery and it’s so wonderful to order on Thursday am and look out ur door see pkg Friday am. Great service, great people, thank you Falk pharmacy.

Very rude pharmacy techs. Worst customer service skills ever. They also lie about the services that they provide. They said they reached out to my physician to clarify a script/order and it was a flat lie which delayed me in getting my medication for days. You can’t trust these insolent people.If you want slow and rude service-try Falk Pharmacy pharmacy especially the one in noblesville located on clover rd. This is the 3rd issue I’ve had in 2 months with this pharmacy. Definitely going elsewhere. My physician even advise me to buy Modafinil better price elsewhere

I have never really experienced rudeness here, everyone has different personalities and everyone has good and bad days. I feel that they fill my prescriptions in a very timely manner and I like that they send me an email and a text when they are ready. Remember, you can not please all of the people all of the time period

Forbes Pharmacy
Address: Oxford Building, 3501 Forbes Ave #756, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States
Phone: +1 412-246-6160
Website: https://www.upmc.com/services/pharmacy/forbes

I went into the Pharmacy at 7:40 PM they close at 8 to get one of my prescriptions filled, the pharmacist told me she couldn’t fill my prescription because it was to late!! And she already had some to fill I told her I needed it to sleep she said no and was very rude!! I have been at this Forbes Pharmacy for the years and have never been treated this way!! I also saw they closed up at 7:55 they were out if there ,this is wrong when someone needs their meds!! We be looking in to a new pharmacy!!

I used to go to this pharmacy to get Modafinil. At first they took the good rx card for this medicine. Eventually they wouldn’t take it for narcotics, but would take other cards. Done that for a few and all a sudden they stopped doing that. These and all UPMC Presbyterian Prescription Shop are very money hungry. Charge almost 400 bucks for a medicine that I now get from some place else for only about 180 bucks. The pharmacy people except one cashier is rude as hell. Nobody likes a rude person.

UPMC Presbyterian Prescription Shop
Address: 200 Lothrop St 1st Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States
Phone: +1 412-864-0900
Website: https://www.upmc.com/services/pharmacy/presbyterian

Meagan was the worst pharmist ever. Went to fill my son’s script which insurance will fill three days early.She told me she will not fill it until 1 day early to come back on Friday. Then when I tried to tell her 1 day early would be Thursday since there were 31 days In march she said she never said 1 day early. Straight lieing to my face. Its the lieing to my face and the rudeness. I realize each pharmist can make their own rules. No written policies. Had no prolem waiting it was the lies and the disrespect and the treating everyone like a drug addict. Very very rude. Expect to be treated like you are garbage.