Presentations – 4.24.and 4.26, 2023

Team Final Presentations

The last two classes in this seminar will be devoted to final presentation of the six project teams. On Monday, May 3rd, four  teams will will have 10 minutes to present an overview of their work for the semester. On Wednesday, May 5th, 3 teams will present, followed by a closing class discussion. At the end of each 10 minute presentation, there will be a brief period for feedback and Q & A.

We want to give teams room to innovate with their presentations and focus on aspects of their work that they found important, challenges they might have had, insights arrived at and finally, the interventions they are proposing as first steps on a transition pathway. Imagine that you are one of several teams presenting to the Pittsburgh Mayor’s office on a number of interrelated, interdependent problems? What would his/her office need to know about the problem, the vision of the future, the challenges in getting there and–most importantly–what tangible next steps in the present need to be taken. Presentations can include both finds as well as suggestions for how research with stakeholders might unfold. 10 minutes isn’t very long, so you’ll have to decide what you want to focus on and each team’s presentation is likely to be very different. Yet–the interventions proposed by the 6 teams will hopefully represent a collective plan for a range of interventions that, if funded, could ignite positive, systems-level change in Pittsburgh.

We recommend planning to screen share with the visual part of your presentation.