February 15, 2017

Discussion Session 2.15.2017 – Needs & Everyday Life

Think of a project you have worked on previously. What were the needs you fulfilled? What were the satisfiers you used to fulfill those needs? Now that you know about integrated satisfiers, what would you do differently in that project? Discussion Leaders: Denise Nguyen, Ashlesha Dhotey, Chirag Murthy and Jeffrey Chou

February 13, 2017

Discussion Session 2.13.2017 – Alternative Economics

What did it feel like to design a new economic solution? What do you think is interesting about working in this way? What is challenging about reconceiving economic systems? What do you think will be needed to make new economic solutions like these feasible going forward? Discussion Leaders: Bori Lee, Olivia Shoucair, Lisa Li and Monica […]

January 30, 2017

Discussion Session 1.30.2017 – Wicked Problems

How would you, as designers, facilitate conversation around wicked problems with individuals who are not familiar with the term? Do they have their own term for “wicked problems”? Talk to one person outside of the design school (mom, friend, etc.) and get their perspective on this topic to help answer the question. Please feel free to […]

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