April 17, 2017

Discussion Session 4.17.2017 – Indigenous Design

How might you improve your own design process to better reflect place-based design? Discussion Leaders: Tammy Tarng, Monica Looze, Lisa Li, Manya Krishnaswamy, Jesse Wilson and Delanie Ricketts

April 10, 2017

Discussion Session 4.10.2017 – Domains of Everyday Life and Cosmopolitan Localism

Share what you brought to your regional groups and what you discussed as well as what you heard from the other regional groups… What similar political structures did you find with other geographic areas? Why do you think they might be similar, or different? Is it just a matter of geographic space? Discussion Leaders: Silvia Mata-Marin, […]

April 5, 2017

Discussion Session 4.05.2017 – Place-Based Lifestyles & Everyday Life

Thinking of the places you placed on the Google map before class, pick one place that has a particular “sense of place” to you and write a short vignette about that place. Feel free to share a short story or moment or a description of that place. You may also upload pictures/sketches using the “Choose […]

March 29, 2017

Discussion Session 3.29.2017 – Thinking Temporally

We discussed and unpacked the ideas of slow and fast knowledge. Within the world implied by that distinction, what role do designers play currently? Could we play a different role in the future? What would that look like? What would it take to get there? Discussion Leaders: Ashley Varrato, Adrian Galvin, Michelina Campanella and Meric […]

March 22, 2017

Discussion Session 3.22.2017 – The Holistic Worldview

In what ways do you think design education and/or business practices should change to embrace an ecological worldview?  What are strategies for seeding change while simultaneously needing to do your job well and meet your organization’s objectives? Discussion Leaders: Francis Carter, Chirag Murthy, Monique Smith and Leah Jiang

March 20, 2017

Discussion Session 3.20.2017 – The Mechanistic Worldview

How does the mechanistic worldview influence the way designers, see and solve problems? Can worldview cause designers to be blind to certain problems while seeing others? How can we critically use the mechanistic worldview? Is it possible to design responsibly and sustainably from within a mechanistic paradigm? In what ways would it impede or facilitate […]

March 6, 2017

Discussion Session 3.6.2017 – MLP Model Presentations

How might long-term technological trends affect your MLP maps and the leverage points they exposed? How does an habitual way of thinking in short horizons of time impede our ability to see transitions in hindsight and follow a trajectory into a probably future? Discussion Leaders: Gray Crawford, Ashlesha Dhotey, Rossa Kim and Eunjung Paik.

February 27, 2017

Discussion Session 2.27.2017 – Sociotechnical Regime Theory

Both Social Practice Theory and the Multi Level Perspective acknowledge the need for radical systems level change. The authors of this week’s readings hypothesize that examining and understanding the intersection of MLP and SPT can reveal key actionable push points or innovation spaces for seeding large scale systems change. Do you agree? Discuss some examples […]

February 20, 2017

Discussion Session 2.20.2017 – Social Practice Theory

Using the group activity from class of finding practices within our wicked maps, how might we incorporate social practice theory into design research? What type of tools or exercises may be helpful in mapping/understanding practices? When in the process design process can you image practices being useful? Are new methodologies needed? Discussion Leaders: Lauren Miller, Manjari […]

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