April 17, 2017

Discussion Session 4.17.2017 – Indigenous Design

How might you improve your own design process to better reflect place-based design? Discussion Leaders: Tammy Tarng, Monica Looze, Lisa Li, Manya Krishnaswamy, Jesse Wilson and Delanie Ricketts

April 10, 2017

Discussion Session 4.10.2017 – Domains of Everyday Life and Cosmopolitan Localism

Share what you brought to your regional groups and what you discussed as well as what you heard from the other regional groups… What similar political structures did you find with other geographic areas? Why do you think they might be similar, or different? Is it just a matter of geographic space? Discussion Leaders: Silvia Mata-Marin, […]

April 5, 2017

Discussion Session 4.05.2017 – Place-Based Lifestyles & Everyday Life

Thinking of the places you placed on the Google map before class, pick one place that has a particular “sense of place” to you and write a short vignette about that place. Feel free to share a short story or moment or a description of that place. You may also upload pictures/sketches using the “Choose […]