February 27, 2017

Discussion Session 2.27.2017 – Sociotechnical Regime Theory

Both Social Practice Theory and the Multi Level Perspective acknowledge the need for radical systems level change. The authors of this week’s readings hypothesize that examining and understanding the intersection of MLP and SPT can reveal key actionable push points or innovation spaces for seeding large scale systems change. Do you agree? Discuss some examples […]

February 20, 2017

Discussion Session 2.20.2017 – Social Practice Theory

Using the group activity from class of finding practices within our wicked maps, how might we incorporate social practice theory into design research? What type of tools or exercises may be helpful in mapping/understanding practices? When in the process design process can you image practices being useful? Are new methodologies needed? Discussion Leaders: Lauren Miller, Manjari […]

February 15, 2017

Discussion Session 2.15.2017 – Needs & Everyday Life

Think of a project you have worked on previously. What were the needs you fulfilled? What were the satisfiers you used to fulfill those needs? Now that you know about integrated satisfiers, what would you do differently in that project? Discussion Leaders: Denise Nguyen, Ashlesha Dhotey, Chirag Murthy and Jeffrey Chou

February 13, 2017

Discussion Session 2.13.2017 – Alternative Economics

What did it feel like to design a new economic solution? What do you think is interesting about working in this way? What is challenging about reconceiving economic systems? What do you think will be needed to make new economic solutions like these feasible going forward? Discussion Leaders: Bori Lee, Olivia Shoucair, Lisa Li and Monica […]